I won the almond present last night.

That’s a big deal among most christmas celebrating Danes. On christmas eve we like to top off several hours of binch eating duck and roast pork with : Rice a la Mandes : a rich rice-and-cream based dessert mixed up with lots of chopped almonds, vanilla seeds, and cherry sauce on top.

So, the cook hides one whole almond inside a big bowl of that white stuff, and the lucky person to find the almond in their portion gets a present. People eat from their little plates until the big bowl is emptied, the lucky winner hides the almond until the very end, and families are willing to die from fat to get it. I just knew I’d get it this year, I could feel it in my bones. It was in my first portion, in one of the last bites. As soon as I felt it in my mouth I hit the perfect white almond between the palm of my hand and my little crystal plate, and slooowly finished eating. And my prize was two marcipan pigs and the three pairs of glasses in the photos below.

It was so worth it.

We run a tight scedule on christmas eve, so right after eating we make a human chain and run around the christmas tree, trying to breathe while we sing and moan all the christmas songs an carols we can think of … Most of us can only hear our blood pumping, so in our family the singing sounds awful … And then, burp, it’s time for the presents …

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