Here’s Michael, one of the great people who let me follow them for my project. This guy is moving, all the time. Getting a clear shot with Michael in it is a real challenge. He’s always working, always talking, always on the move … He says his friends compare him to the squirrel in Ice Age. I don’t know about that, but I’m thinking, if they nailed it in Ice Age, so can I … Working with him is a real treat, and I have managed to get close and catch his quiet moments … I’ll show you later …

– Tak, Michael!




I can’t get my arms down. This week a job I designed was brilliantly implemented and turned out something to be proud of. Thanks to a cool client and kick-ass professional subcontractors.

I created the decorations and wall art for the Family Physicians Valby, a wonderful new house of doctors in Copenhagen who want the best for their patients – and who, by the way, totally respect the professional expertise of the people they work with.


My design company mork takes care of their visual communications, and when I suggested that mork should hire myself to ”art up“ the children’s waiting area, they said, take it away! And I did, and I had everything my way, and I found the best suppliers for print and implementation. And they nailed it. And the result is beautiful – and tactile – and will hopefully bring joy and amusement to children (and their parents) waiting to see the doctor. For years to come.


In this digital age … I love that. I was ridiculously happy afterwards.
Check out the results here.